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Helping You Address Domestic Violence And Orders Of Protection Matters

In the criminal justice system, individuals accused of committing crimes are considered innocent until proven otherwise. However, this is often not the case in the court of public opinion. If you have been accused of committing a domestic violence offense, an accusation is enough to jeopardize your personal relationships and your career.

Ignoring a domestic violence charge or order of protection will not make it disappear. You need to address this matter promptly and skillfully. Wesley Rhodes, Attorney at Law, is qualified and ready to help. I am Wesley Rhodes, dedicated criminal defense lawyer.

Over the course of my legal career, I have championed my clients’ rights in Little Rock and the surrounding area. I am prepared to develop a strong strategy for you. Email me today.

What You Need To Know About Domestic Violence Charges

Strangers cannot accuse you of committing a domestic violence offense; a spouse, significant other or someone you are dating can. You can face charges for actions that include:

  • Emotional abuse or intimidation
  • Punching, kicking or hitting
  • Sexual assault or another violent criminal offense
  • Holding or using a weapon to threaten a partner

If you are convicted of a domestic violence offense in Arkansas, your personal and professional life could be affected. Your parenting rights could be restricted. Your criminal record could limit your job options. You could face time in prison and lose your firearm rights forever. These are serious consequences.

Protect Your Case From Day One

If you receive an order of protection while accused of a domestic violence offense, it is critical that you obey the terms of the order. Protect your domestic violence case from day one by stopping all forms of communication with the individual who has filed the order. Violating the order can only add to your legal headaches.

Consult with me for free to learn about the best approach to take given your circumstances. I know that domestic violence matters are complicated, personal issues. When I defend Little Rock clients against these charges, I do not judge them; I look for the most effective solution for their case and use the law to get results.

Get The Skilled Representation You Deserve

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