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Challenging Violent Crime Charges

If you have been charged with committing a violent crime in Arkansas, your freedom and rights may be stake. It is critical to work with a criminal defense attorney because having a felony conviction on your record can dramatically affect your future.

I am Wesley Rhodes, Little Rock criminal defense lawyer. At my firm, I practice only criminal law and have an extensive understanding of the criminal process and state laws. I use this insight to tailor aggressive legal strategies and get favorable results.

Considering accepting a plea agreement? Talk to me before you act. I offer free consultations. Email me today to arrange your appointment.

By Your Side Throughout The Criminal Process

At Wesley Rhodes, Attorney at Law, I handle all aspects of my clients’ cases. When you hire me, I will remain by your side throughout the criminal process, personally advising you at each stage. I am easily accessible via phone or text because you deserve to know where your case stands at all times.

Before recommending a strategy, I will study the facts of your case to ensure that your rights were not violated during your arrest, interrogation and other interactions with law enforcement. If law enforcement did not follow protocol, I will take appropriate action.

I am qualified to defend against charges related to:

A felony conviction can result in high fines and serious penalties, including extensive prison time and loss of gun and voting rights. If you choose to represent yourself in a violent crime case, what you do not know about the law and procedures can cost you. Little Rock prosecuting attorneys are not motivated to give you a favorable plea agreement, which is why you need to retain a skilled professional who is dedicated to your case.

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Do not take felony charges lightly. These are serious matters that need an aggressive approach. Contact my Little Rock office to discuss your case and your options. Please complete my online form or call 501-301-4591 to reach me today.